What criteria do I have to meet to be eligible for an apartment in Blue?

After the registration, potential tenants are begin matched to the available apartments. But what determines if a candidate is eligible of not? First of all, it is important that you have sufficient income to pay the rent, now and in the future. Next tot that, it is important that you can pass a credit check, meaning that you do not have a negative registration with the Office for Credit Registration (BKR).

Income: 3,75 x monthly rent
Retired: 3,5 x monthly rent
Long term income
Positive credit check

Income guidelines

To make sure that you are able to pay the rent each month and also be able to your other fixed costs, we have determined income guidelines. To prevent disappointment during the registration, you can already calculate if you can meet these requirements. It is important that you can meet these guidelines yourself, a third party as guarantor is not allowed. Since these apartments are being let in the private sector, it is not possible to receive housing benefits.

Income from employment: minimum gross monthly income of 3,75 times the monthly rent
Income from pension: minimum gross monthly income of 3,5 times the monthly rent
A second income counts for 100%

Do you have capital on a Dutch bank account? In case you have capital of at least €50.000,- and it is important to include this in the calculation to be able to meet the income requirements, we can count 10% of the capital on top of your gross yearly income. Next to the capital you also need to have a steady (monthly) income.


If you are employed, it is important to have an employment contract of at least 6 months, supported by a declaration of intent from your employer to extend the contract afterwards. To calculate your gross income, look at the gross monthly salary as indicated on your salary slip. All amounts as mentioned on your employer's statement can be included in the calculation, including holiday pay, fixed bonus and a thiteenth month if applicable.

Social benefits or retirement

In case you are able to demonstrate that you can meet the income requirements on the long term with your social benefits, this will counts as first or only income. Next to that, social benefits also count as the second income. Study loans / studiefinanciering is a loan, and that is why it cannot be included in the calculation. Since you pay less taxes in case of a pension, the income requirements are lower: 3,5 times the monthly rent.

Entrepreneurs / self-employed

As an entrepreneur / self employed you can also rent an apartment in Blue. You can be eligible in case you have had your own company for at least 1 year and your net profit before tax demonstrably meets the income requirement. You can demonstrate this with the annual accounts for the most recent closed financial year, drawn up by an accountant or trust office. Good to know: we ask for a deposit of 3 months rent if you are renting an apartment as an entrepreneur.

Good to know about renting in Blue

You are only allowed to rent an apartment in Blue if you are going to live there yourself and you register at the rented address in the Municipality of Personal Records Database of the municipality of Delft. You rent the apartment for a minimum of 1 year, after which the rent can be terminated as of the first of the following month, with 1 month's notice. For example, if you indicate on April 19 that you want to terminate the contract, the contract will end on June 1.

The final matching will be done based on the information you provide during the registration, which includes information about your income and home preference. It is therefore important that you fully complete the registration and provide all information truthfully. All data is checked by means of a document check and a credit check.