The golden edge of living in Blue - Guldenwater

The beautifully designed apartment complex called Blue is part of Guldenwater, an impressive project in New Delft. In total, 5 residential blocks will be built, each of which will have its own identity due to variation in facade color, height, and details in architecture. Guldenwater will consist of 7 royal "park homes" and 177 apartments, 85 of which are located in Blue. A parking garage will be built between the residential block, and the roof of the parking garage will be used as a common garden. Think of a butterfly garden with a winding path and a variety of plants...this might be your view! The image blow shows the entire Guldenwater project. The light coloured part on the left is Blue. The apartments on the top two floors will be sold, the other 6 floors will become available for rent. And because of the amount of variation in the offered housing, there will always be one to suit your needs. You can rent a maisonnette, a loft or an apartment, ranging from 47 to 125 m². There are apartments with 2, 3 or 4 rooms available. The maisonnettes have their own entrance and two floors, the lofts have a half second floor with an open view to the lower floor.

Sustainable living

Blue is built with great attention to sustainability. This results in an energy label A for the houses in Blue. With extra good insulation, connection to a TES installation and solar panels on the roof that are used for this TES installation, the complex is delivered in an energy-efficient manner. The individual houses are equipped with an induction hob and the heating by means of the WKO installation eliminates the need for a gas connection. This way you contribute to a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and you live in a future-proof apartment! You will also notice this in a comfortable living climate and lower energy costs.

The advantages of renting

A rental home provides security and flexibility. You have no unexpected costs for major maintenance. You don’t have to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom. And you live in a sustainable home with a comfortable climate, without making any investments yourself. Fixed monthly payments, so easy! The risk of depreciation, financing and interest rate changes lies with the landlord. And is something broken? Then we are ready to repair it. Do you like flexibility? Renting is a great option for you. You have a lease of at least 1 year, which can be canceled after the first of the following month + 1 month notice. Do you now have your own home and do you want to live carefree and  have more fun? The released capital from the sale of your home offers many possibilities. A nice trip, less work, eating out more often or turning your hobby into work? However you spend your money, in Blue you live in a wonderfully sustainable apartment with everything you need.